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ECM/ECU Training

New generation cars are given utmost importance to safety, security, and eco-friendliness. Countless facilities are controlled by computer-aided systems and electronically advanced technology in today's world. The era of mechanically controlled cars is disappearing.

The mending of new features such as ECU, ECM, ABS, EPS, BCM requires thoroughly skilled automobile electronic engineers. In the present scenario, we are facing a severe shortage of skilled technicians and engineers to meet the overhaul of complicated electronic controlled devices used in modern vehicles. IAT has developed an up-to-date syllabus to make the students suitable for current and future vehicles, to craving technicians and auto electricians who want to upgrade their ability in repairing vehicles and acquiring knowledge of electronic elements focusing on electronic parts of different vehicles..

Course Criteria

Eligibility Criteria : Basic Knowledge (Automobile/Electronical/Electrical) .

Duration : 1 Months

Syllabus : includes Basic Electronics, Injector coding, Airbag Resetting, ECU programming, Water drained, Flooded ECM repairing, On table testing, Engine electronic system, ECU,BCM ,EPS, Immobilizer, Key matching, etc..