About us


Institute of Automobile Technology

Institute of Automobile Technology is the pioneer in automobile electronic sector which provides quality training in automobile technology. We are the first and best automobile electronic institute in India. We are giving admission to matriculate / +2 / graduate students after eligibility test. We are moulding our students under strict disciplinary environment and educate both parents and students to complete training and apprenticeship with a long vision.The certificate we issue is valid for employment in automobile electrical and electronic technician in showroom and companies. We have well equipped, qualified, and experienced trainers, study materials, equipments, methodology and other infrastructure. IAT certified technicians well be able to diagnose SMD devices used in new generation vehicles.

We support our students after their training for placement with better salary or benefit globally.

Our Vision

Our vision is not only impart technical education in automobile industry, but making them up-to-date and industry fit candidate to give best service to any vehicles with current technology.

Our Mision

Our mission is to train candidate and give them industrial experience, help them place prominent companies globally .

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